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5 Boxes Free Shipping MYMI Wonder Slimming Patch-Belly Weight Loss Patch

5 Boxes Free Shipping MYMI Wonder Slimming Patch-Belly Weight Loss Patch

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Product name: MYMI Wonder Slimming Patch-Belly Fat Burning Patch

MYMI Wonder Slimming Patch now in promotion, you can get 1box free if buy 3 boxes one time!

About product: MYMI Wonder Slimming Patch is a natural slimming patch. There is no preservatives in it and with no side effect to body. So people with sensitive skin also can use it. It can effectively help belly fat burn, lose belly fat to reduce waist
3-5 inches in a month. For beer belly, abdomen relaxation after childbirth and stubborn obesity. You can use with MYMI Wonder Slimming Patch Leg Patch if you want to slim legs also.

Main Ingredient and effects: Sophoricoside, Catechin, Capsaicin, Caffeine, allcornia herbacaa.

1. Sophoricoside:Natural and patented substance with effects reducing weight and fat;

2. Catechin : Reduces celluite and inhibits the accumulation of fat cells;

3. Capsaicin : Prevents obesity and removes celluite by reducing body fats;

4. Caffeine : Destroys celluite by softening fat cells of callage;

5. Sallcornia herbacaa : Skin care

How to use: There are 5 pieces of MYMI Wonder belly slimming patch in one bag, one piece for each time, it can last
3-8 hours.  Please put belly patch directly attached to the belly skin. If you feel heat, this is a normal burning fat. 3 times a week, and 4 weeks of continuous use. Use with slimming cream will get a better result!

Specifications: 5 pcs/box * 5 boxes