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5 Boxes Free Shipping Old Doctor Enteric Canal Cleaning Tea-125 bags

5 Boxes Free Shipping Old Doctor Enteric Canal Cleaning Tea-125 bags

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Product Name: Old Doctor Enteric Canal Cleaning Tea


Brand name:Old Chinese Doctor


About Old Doctor Enteric Canal Cleaning Tea: With more 400 years history, the Old Chinese Doctore brand has developped beauty& slimming series products are made from variety of food and herbs, with scientific precision extraction with mild character and remarkble effect. According to the theory of chinese medicine, the enteric canal cleaning tea play a role in promoting bowel movement and helping defecation to clean-up stool, expel toxin. For someone who is intractable constipation, chronic constipation, and likes a high calorie diet. Take one bag can let you have a good day's bowel movement. Pure natural formula long-term taking with no side-effect.


Ingredients: Cassia seed, honeysuckle, sterculia seed, hemp seed.


Usage: Take 1 bag with hot water for each time, after meals or on night 1 hour before going to sleep. 1-2 times a day.

Package: 10g × 25 tea bags × 5 boxes


Shelf life: 18 months


1. Avoid eating spicy or irritative food, like scallion, garlic, coffee and hot pepper;
2. Eat more fruits and vegetables and have more water. Maintain unobstructed urine. Women should pay attention to the normal physiological cycle, removel the pain in period in time.
3. In the acne outbreak period, it is best not to use oil and powder cosmetics, so as not to increase the skin's inflammatory response. And keep in good mood.