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6 bottles OB Protein Fat Dissolving Capsule-Free Shipping

6 bottles OB Protein Fat Dissolving Capsule-Free Shipping

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Product name: OB Protein Fat Dissolving Capsule


About product: This product is a powerful and safe diet product because it works for all kinds of obesity people or people want to reduce partially. You will not feel dis-comfortable when taking this diet pill since its main ingredient are plant with little side-effect.

The OB Protein Fat Dissolving Capsule can balance the appetite and help fat dissolved by speeding up metabolism that clinically proved to reduce calorie intake and help defecation because of containing lotus leaf and cassia seed, as well as controlling the appetite let you feel full. It is a satisfied slimming product.


Major raw materials: Lycopene, Capsicum extract, cassia seed, lotus leaf, ferment, fat dissolving element, Osmanthus essence, Vitamin B1 and B2.


Applicable to: persons with simple obesity and obesity after delivery, overweight youth, especially applicable to people with obstinate obesity and persons obtain no effects after repeated weight loss.


Unsuitable for: children, pregnant women and women in lactation period, hypertension, diabetes and infirm people.


Shelf Life: 36 months


Specification: 400 mg * 40 capsules * 6 bottles


Usage and dosage: 1-2 capsules each time 30 minutes before the breakfast with water. Once time a day. In the first 3 days take 1 capsule is better.


Storage: place in a cool and dry place.