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Bi Sheng Yuan Enteric Canal Cleaning Tea-4 Boxes

Bi Sheng Yuan Enteric Canal Cleaning Tea-4 Boxes

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About product: Bi Sheng Yuan Enteric Canal Cleaning Tea can continually promote intestinal secretion,soften dry adhesion on the intestinal wall,and evendually make it drop off. The product can also repair the intestinal damage with its biological components. Keep drinking for a week you will be able to feel the protective film in the intestinal wall being built and creep strength increased. The product has significant effect and is suitable for all types of constipation symptoms, including refractory constipation (such as diabetes, constipation). In particular, the sympton of "dry astringent-type constitution" would be greatly improved if you keep drinking the product for a reasonable period of time.

Ingredients: Green tea, root of straight ladybell, china root, yam, semen cassiae, etc.

Function: Bi Sheng Yuan Enteric canal-Cleaning Tea can effectivelly remove intestinal stool and all kinds of toxins,  relieve all types of constipation and clear stain and halitosis caused by constipation. 

Package: 2.5g×25 bag ×4 boxes

Shipping Weight: 500 g

Usage: Drink the tea with 100ml hot water before or after meal. Adults have one bag a day, pregnant women and children have less dosage according to the situation. Constipation patient have dosag according to the the situation:

ⅰtaking one bag a day if you stool for 2-3 days;
ⅱtaking two bags a day if you stool for 4-6 days;
ⅲtaking three bags a day if you stool for a week ;

Vaid: 18 months

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