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Bi Sheng Yuan Slimming Belly Patch

Bi Sheng Yuan Slimming Belly Patch

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Product name:Bi Sheng Yuan Slimming Belly Patch

Main ingredient:green tea, ginkgo, caffeine activated ingredients, cola nut leptin, hyaluronic acid and etc.

Function:The effective ingredients permeate through the skin into the adipose layer to active the lipase, promote the activity of the fatty cells, burn the redundant fat, slim the body and tighten the skin, effectively deminish the cellulite and remove the redundant fat of the abdomen and shap the figures.

Usage: Stick one patch on the belly for 15-20 minutes(the massage effect better)each time, one time a day.

Package: One patch(P.S. independent package in valve bag, the original box too heavy to ship)

Shipping weight: 35 g

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