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Bi Sheng Yuan Slimming Tea-8 Boxes

Bi Sheng Yuan Slimming Tea-8 Boxes

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Bi Sheng Yuan Slimming Tea- Abdomen Fat Reducing

About product: Bi Sheng Yuan Slimming Tea is made with traditional Chinese herbal essence.This anti-fat material is extracted  from a number of herbs using the advanced extraction technology. The product increases the effect of weight loss by 20 times , especially for eliminating the fat on abdonen and waist part.


Green tea: Detoxification,lower blood pressure and lipid,

Honeysuckle: Clearing hot, detoxify

Semen cassiae: Clearing damp & wet,

Lotus leaf:Clearing damp & wet,

Gynostemma:adjust blood pressure and lipid metabolism, is the ideal weight loss,

Pure honey: relieves a cough, expulsion of toxin, senna and etc.

Function: Bi sheng yuan slimming tea can effectively remove  intestinal fat, accumulated stool, toxins and other harmful substance. It helps you excrete the fat which you take daily. The anti-fat material is able to resolve the fat and transform it into energy. Drinking plenty of water after having the tea in order to facilitate the discharge of fat. 

Package: 2.5g × 25bags × 8 boxes

Shipping Weight: 1000g

Usage: Pouring 150ml boiling before meal and then pouring 150ml boiling water after meal and then drink it. Take 1-2 bags every time, twice a day.

1. Do not use if you're pregnant or breeding.
2. Do not drink the other beverage within one hour of taking slimming tea;
3. Aviod cold food as much as possible.

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