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Edible Konjaku Fiber Powder

Edible Konjaku Fiber Powder

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Product name: Edible Konjaku Fiber Powder

About product: this konjaku powder is made from the selected good-quality Konjaku grown in highland and after careful grinding and purification. The active ingredient of Konjac glucomannan is up 90%. If you want to keep fit or lose weight in a healthy way the konjaku powder is a good choice because it is high in fiber let you feel full but is lo-cal. It contains calories that a packet of konjaku powder equal to 12.5 g apple contain. And it is easy to carry and eat, you can eat it as a snack or dinner or eat with milk, yoghourt or honey as you like.


Main ingredient: active ingredient of Konjac glucomannan up 90%



Per 100 g

Nutrition Value


640 KJ



0 (g)



0 (g)



0 (g)



0 (mg)


Dietary Fiber

80 (g)



Suitable group: All age’s people want to keep fit or lose weight in healthy way


Dosage and usage: 4g * 12 packet


Shelf life: 24 months


Usage and dosage: Each time take 1-2 packets with 250ml warm water, then let sit for 5 minutes and add 50 ml of warm water and stir to a paste and eat. You can use the milk or yoghourt to replace the water. Add honey or oats as you like. Note, it is recommended to replace dinner.


Caution: It is normal for people first time eat may have a mild diarrhea. Disable for allergic to Konjaku.


Storage: place in a cool and dry place.


Executive Standard No.: GB/T 29602-2013