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Fei Yan Weight Loss Tea_Version 2 by Hongkong

Fei Yan Weight Loss Tea_Version 2 by Hongkong

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Product Name: Feiyan Wight Loss Tea-Version 2 by Hongkong

About the product: Fei yanweight loss tea(slimming tea) is made with selected excellent natural and edible herbs, with delicate fragrant and pure taste. It isa traditional Chinese herbal tea that is excellent for weight management. It is the most popular pure herbal weight management tea in the UK market. Fei Yan slimming tea also has an excellent effect to help with bowel movment. 2-5 kg lossing after having a month period.

Ingredient: Green Tea, Lotus Leaves, Cassia Seeds, Vegetable Sponge, betel-nu, orange peel.

Function: It intended to suppress appetite, detoxify the body, get ride of extra fat and improve metabolism. Feiyan Natural Herbal Slimming Tea has no chemical additives and it is safe for regular consumption over a long period of time without bringing any side effect.
Usage: Take a tea bag with 150ml of boiled water for 2-3mins. Two bags at night and morning. One course is 45 days. We recommend that you continue to take this tea for at least 3 courses.
Package: 3g ×20 tea bags×2 boxes

Shippig weight: 140 g

1. Do not use if you’ren pregnant.
2. Children can not be use.

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