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Fruit & Vegetable Fiber Composite Powder-Last 4 hours

Fruit & Vegetable Fiber Composite Powder-Last 4 hours

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Product Name: Fruit & Vegetable Fiber Composite Powder


Common use: This product is made from grain, fruit & vegetable and corn 100%, as a kind of meal nutrition Food, it can provide the energy and nutrition needed daily but low calorie. It is an ideal substitute food as its good taste and lasting effect.



Fruit & vegetable fiber powder: the dietary fiber to promote waste discharge from the intestines;

Konjaku flour: Konjac contains a large amount of glucomannan, which has a strong expansive force, work stronger than other vegetable gum, can fill the stomach, thus increase the sense of fullness and eliminate hunger. While it is low in calorie.

Oat flour: Oats are rich in nutrients, such as vitamins, proteins, microelements, cellulose and so on.


Dosage and direction: Pour 250-300 ml warm water into the cup and then put the meal nutrition powder in to the water and stir to make it mixed evenly and ok. It can eat mix with milk, yoghourt, cereal, juice and other food you like. Please drink 300 ml water after eating it to let konjaku flour dissolve fully to make you feel full.


Package: 15 packets/box


Storage: Store this medication at room temperature away from moisture and heat.


Shelf life: 18 months