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High Quality of Medlar Tea-Chew to Lose Weight

High Quality of Medlar Tea-Chew to Lose Weight

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Product name: Ningxia High Quality Medlar

About Ningxia medlar: medlar, also named Chinese Wolfberry, it is traditional herb materials in China, was as royal tributes in ancient times. The medlar has 2000 years of history in medicinal and edible field. Among these, the medlar originate in Ningxia Province is best in quality because of its special geography, climate and small watershed environments, as well as long time planting history and high biotechnology applying. Ningxia medlar has the characteristic such as clear and beautiful in color, thin skin and thick meat, little seeds and sweet flavor.
Chinese Wolfberry is rich in thick fiber and mineral element. The fruits and pedicels of Chinese Wolfberry were effective in increasing white blood cells, protecting the liver and relieving hypertension. The alcoholic extract of wolfberry fruits inhibited tumor growth in mice by 58%, and the protein of wolfberry displayed an insulin-like action that was effective in promoting fat decomposition and reducing blood sugar. Make medlar 30 grams chew eat each morning and evening for 7 weeks without interruption, then lose weight of 2.6 kg after a month.

Nutrient ingredient list(100g):

Calcium: 112.50mg
Phosphorus: 203.10mg
Iron: 8.42mg
Aneurine: 0.153mg
Sugariness: 46.50mg
Fibres: 7.78g
Crude fat: 7.14g
Crude protein: 12.10g
Lactoflavin: 1.27mg
Calorie: 362.20Kcal
Carbohydrate: 57.82g
Ascorbic acid: 18.4g

Nicotinic acid: 4.32g
B-Carrot: 7.38g
total amino acid: 8.48mg
Package: 250 g/bag

Othey ways to eat medlar:

 1.Boil 15-gram wolfberry fruits, make a wolfberry tea and drink it every day. It helps to alleviate the effects of high blood pressure and high blood sugar;
2.Take a little wolfberry fruits and a little gram of chrysanthemumto make a tea. It helps to alleviate blurry vision;
3.Take 4 or 5 wolfberry fruits, green tea, sugar, raisins, walnuts, date, democarpus langan lour fruit, hawthorn, and ziayphus jujuba mill fruits, to make an eight-ingredients tea;

4.Put 25 gram of wolfberry fruits and some Chinese cooking wine in a bottle or a jar and carefully seal it. It is ready to use after 30 or 60 days. Drink once per day. It helps to alleviate teary eyes; or take 200 gram of wolfberry fruits and 1 liter of Chinese white wine and seal them in a bottle or a jar. Ready to use in 10 days;

5.Stew pork, beef, chicken or fish, add 15-25 gram of wolfberry fruits 10 minutes before the meat is done. You may steam fish or chicken with wolfberry fruits as well;
6.Take 50 gram of wolfberry fruits and 100 gram of rice and add some sugar to make rice soup;
9.Mix 15 gram of wolfberry fruits with cereal to make a healthy breakfast;

10.Use wolfberry fruits to make a banana bread or muffins just like raisins. Wolfberry bread provides more nutrients than raisins.

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