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Jin Meng Weight Loss Package-5 Boxes

Jin Meng Weight Loss Package-5 Boxes

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Product Name: Jin Meng Weight Loss Package-Aim at Post partum obesity & stubborn obesity 

Specail note: This weight loss package contains 2 boxes of Jin meng Special No. 1(Burn fat to break them into water, carbon dioxide, protein, and be converted into the energy release from body); 2boxes of Jin meng Constipation No.2(Main function is to removel fat and toxin of intestinal tract, relieve all types of constipation and bath blood); 1 box of Jin meng Special No. 2( It can help to increase the function of Special No.1 and Constipation No.2.).

About product: Specialized aiming at post partum obesity & stubborn obesity, the Jing Meng weifht loss capsule has  the natural herbal formulas combined with international advanced formulations acts on weight loss on two parts, that one step is to eliminating extra fat of body and discharge them, the other hand, blocking of sugar, starch and oil absorption to suppress appetite.This collaboration completely slimm body and let fat no place to escape.

Ingredients: Jin meng Special No. 1: Konjaku powder, l-cn, lotus leaf, cassia seed, aloe; Jin meng Constipation No.2:aloe, gen-seng, figwort, kuh-seng, Magnolia officinalis, medlar  and etc; Jin meng Special No. 2: Konjaku powder, l-cn, lotus leaf, cassia seed and etc.

Function: It has remarkable effect on reducing fat accumulation in the legs, arms, buttocks waist and abdomen through speeding up metabolism, increasing fat burning, speeding consumption of excess calories and decomposition of the fat to prevent body fat build.

Usage: Take 3-6 capsules of Jin meng Constipation No.2 15 minutes before breakfast and supper,(Add 1 capsule if you have less 3 times stool, reduce 1 capsule if you have more than 3 times stool); take 3 capsules of Jin meng Special No.1 after lunch; take 3 capsules of Jin meng Special No. 2 before having sleep.
Attentin: From taking 3 capsules on first course, add 1 capsule dosage on the next course and have more capsule after five days according to the situation. 

Valid: 2 years

1. Stop taking when the menstrualperiod;
2. If you have reduced the weight, continue to take Jin meng Special No. 2 to keep fit;
3. Avoid having fat, starchy, sweet food, please have moe water.

Shipping Weight: 310g