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L-carnitine Green Tea Capsule-Men\'s Slimming Capsule-3 Boxes

L-carnitine Green Tea Capsule-Men's Slimming Capsule-3 Boxes

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L-carnitine Green Tea Capsule-For Men's Slimming Capsule

About L-carnitine Green Tea Capsule-For Men's Slimming Capsule: The product is adopted the world advanced Biological protein fingerprinting (BPF) enzyme technology to extract Extracellular signal-regulated kinases (ERK) - peptide IV from protein. 100% safe and natural,without estrogen. The experiment proved peptides IV can penetrate the human upper body lipid and break the function of fat cell membrane,as well as promoting fat combustion andincrea the muscle quantity. The product is approved by State Food & Drug Administration in China. The certification number is G20041047.

Ingredient: peptide IV, cassia see, lotus leaf, Alisma orientale, semen raphani and etc.

Function: The process liquidizes the lipid into metabolic heat. Throughout the lipid softening process it shrinks the fat cysts and destroys the fat chain gene. Further, this speeds up fat metabolism in 10 times than usual. As a result, metabolism of blood lymphatic accelerated, faster accelerated consumption of calories, blocking the absorption of food starch, sugar and fat can be achieved. The product is rich in vitamins, green tea extract, Banaba leaves, Horse Chestnut Extract, other natural nutrients and herbal extracts to ensure the nutrients needed by the body, thereby achieving a set of beauty, detoxification, weight loss as one comprehensive latest trends in life.

Usage: Take 2 capsules each time, 3times daily.30 minutesĀ after the meal.

Package: 0.42 g x 70 capsules * 3 bottles

Shipping Weight: 80g

Valid: 18 months

Attention: it is not suitable for women and children.