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Tuesday 28 February, 2012 | RSS Feed

Secret Recipe of Chinese Medcine to Lose weight

by SlimTeaStore | post a comment

A growing number of people want to lose weight and try to various slimming medicines and slimming methods, which did not all work and cause adverse reactions somehow. Now let’s introduce several traditional Chinese medicine secret for slimming without side-effects to you;


1, make medlar 30 grams daily drink like tea each morning and evening for 7 weeks without interruption, then lose weight of 2.6 kg after a month;


2, taking 4-10 pieces of rhubarb tablets half an hour before the meal, 1-3 times a daily; to keep stool about 3 times a day;


3, dried lotus leaf 100 g, hawthorn 250 g, Fritillaria thunbergii 100 g, Chinese honey locust 100 g, raw rhubarb 50 g, dried tangerine peel 50 g, grind the above material as a treatment dose. Take 50 g each day soak them with hot water and drink it, 2 times daily. A month as a period;


4,Boil these maters, hawthorn 15g, Danshen 20 g, rhubarb 10 g, Panax pseudo-ginseng var. notoginseng powder 15 g for30 minutes, then drink, 2 times a day;


5,grind cassia seed 30 g,hawthorn, 10 g, hempseed 10g into powder, take with warm water. Take 20g each time, 3 times daily, 30 days as aperiod;

10 Quick Losing Weight Tips

by SlimTeaStore | post a comment

Losing weight isn’t easy but it isn’t impossible either. If you use the right tips you will be surprised at the results that you can achieve. I have gathered 10 quick slimming tips that have been proven to work, you just need to follow them to help aid your slimming. 1: Top up your water We have all heard that we should drink around eight glasses of water a day. It keeps you hydrated and can help you feel less run down. But did you know that if you drank a full glass of water before your meals it could decrease your appetite? 2: Have a cup of slimming tea Once you get home at night you are usually hungry. To keep off unwanted calories you need to resist over eating in the evening because you don’t have the time to work the excess off. Drink a nice cup of herbal slimming tea to try to keep hunger at bay. You could also supplement with other weight loss herbs. 3: Step away from the junk food! If you have a craving for some greasy, fatty food try to stop yourself from eating it by telling yourself you will have some in 15 minutes. Once the 15 minutes have passed you will be surprised that you have gotten a grip on yourself and can now easily resist. 4: Less is more Instead of eating 3 big meals in a day, have 4 or 5 smaller meals a day to help raise your metabolism and burn off calories quicker. 5: If you’re having a big meal, have it early Most people have their biggest meal of the day in the evening. This is a bad idea for a few reasons, the main one being that you don’t get to burn off the calories you just consumed. If you’re having a big meal, have it early. Keep in mind, don’t eat within three hours of bedtime. 6: Exercise early If you exercise early in the morning before you have breakfast you speed up your metabolism more than you could if you exercised during the day. 7: Try to include cheating in your diet If you love a particular food and your diet prevents you from eating it, you will fail. Allowing for a few foods you like through the week will make you feel better about the diet because you aren’t missing out. 8: Don’t give up You’re only human and you are going to make mistakes. Forgive yourself if you mess up and move on. 9: Get some exercise! Try to do at least 30 minutes of exercise each day like cardio or strength based training. you will burn off calories at a much quicker rate. 10: Don’t strength train exclusively If you’re a woman who wants to keep your feminine shape don’t do only strength training or do too much of it. Some women build up muscle more readily than others and after a while you might start looking like a contestant for miss universe! If you’re a man, this isn’t as much of an issue. It’s natural for men to be more muscular than women. But it’s still a good idea to include some cardio work in your regime to get the maximum fat burning effect from your workout.

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