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Thursday 11 May, 2017 | RSS Feed

Did you beat your gallbladder today?

by SlimTeaStore | post a comment

There are four points on the lateral of thigh as shown P1,P2, that is so called gallbladder.You only need take 10 minutes each dayto beat these four points,for each point 50 times one by one with meridian flapper(see P3)can natural beat ball bladder stone and improve blood regeneration and function of kidney, as well as helping you reduce the fat on the thigh. Is it really so magical? You can...
have a try a month. The gallbladder is a very important organ in bodies, and these four points on the gallbladder and connect with many
organs through blood vessels, so we beat these points will activate the organ activity and impove blood circulation of the leg to slim
your thigh.

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