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Wednesday 06 April, 2011 | RSS Feed

Finding the Right Slimming Diet For You

by SlimTeaStore | post a comment

It seems that every other week there is a new celebrity endorsed diet or a brilliant new ‘secret’ discovered that will change the slimming world for ever. It will be on television, on the cover of celebrity gossip magazines and in radio interviews. Over time it gets harder to know what the right slimming diet is for you, because of the sheer number to choose from.

There are high protein shakes, low carb diets, vegetarian diets and even diets that claim to work better depending what blood type you have. There are even diets out there that claim to naturally shrink your stomach, a poor man’s stomach band! Most of these diets have some simple things in common:

  • They force you to dramatically reduce the amount of food that you can eat, leaving you hungry all the time.
  • You may only eat from a list of approved foods and you are not allowed any deviation from it.
  • You may need to spend a lot of time preparing your meals as everything has to be done in a certain way.
  • Your hunger never really goes away even after a meal.

When you first read about these new slimming diets your first instinct may be to rush out, buy the ingredients on the list and try it. After a few days on this restricted and limited diet you will start to get discouraged, start breaking it here and there, before finally succumbing and stop the diet completely. What you have to do to lose weight consistently is to take the right actions to get the results.

When you choose your personal slimming diet you will need to think about whether it will be something you can fit into your schedule and way of life. If you’re a busy person with a hectic schedule, don’t choose a diet that will lead to constant shop trips and long preparation times. A vegetarian diet isn’t going to help you if your mouth waters at the smell of bacon. Choose the best fit!

The last thing to remember is not to believe all of the hype surrounding any particular slimming diet. Victoria Beckham may have success on a hypothetical ‘chocolate diet’ but she has personal trainers, dieticians and experts to advise her. Unless you’re a millionaire as well you don’t have that option. Choose your slimming diet carefully; try to be more active and you will soon start to see the results.

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