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Ninghong Slimming Package-Works Better

Ninghong Slimming Package-Works Better

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Ninghong Slimming  Package: Ninghong Slimming Tea+ Ninghong l-cn Slim Capsule

You will get better result of lossing weight taking Ninghong slimming tea together with Ninghong  l-cn Slim Capsule

About Ninghong Slimming Tea: Over the years, NingHong slimming tea has won millions of obese patients’ trust and praise at home and abroad for its excellent quality, special effect.New generation Ninghong slimming tea,made through new formula and high-tech, has further enhanced the effect of weight loss .

Ingredient: Ninghong black tea, cassia seed, hawthorn, lotus leaf.

Usage: Soak it with boiling water, 1-2 bags each time, 2 times a day.

About NingHong Slim Capsule: l-cn is the most important component of NingHong Slim Capsule, it can promote fatty acids into the mitochondria doing oxidation- resolvation, and it looks like a shovel scoop up fat into fuel burning furnace. If fat do not enter the mitochondria, no matter how you exercise or diet, you can not consume it, just as l-cn to the mitochondria of fat "porter.”

Main Ingredient: l-cn, hawthorn, senna, lotus leaf, cassia seed, vitamin C

Usage: 2 pills each time, 3 times daily.

Package:A box of NingHong l-cn Slim Capsule + a box of  Ninghong New Effective Slim Tea