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Ninghong Slimming Tea-New Generation-6 Boxes

Ninghong Slimming Tea-New Generation-6 Boxes

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About product: Over the years, NingHong slimming tea has won millions of obese patients’ trust and praise at home and abroad for its excellent quality, special effect.New generation  Ninghong slimming tea,made through new formula and high-tech, has further enhanced the effect of weight loss .

(1) with the effect of elevated high-density protein of blood ,lower cholesterol and triglyceride in serum, promoting body fat metabolism, speeding up the excretion of fat and cholesterol.

(2) to promote muscle cell to uptake glucose, in order to reduce glucose changing to fat in fat cells, through inhibit the synthesis of excess fat to achieve weight-loss goals. The tea with no hormones, non-toxic, and no side-effects, Confirmed by nearly a thousand cases of clinical observation in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou and other major domestic well-known hospitals , the effect of losing weight up to 95%.A new generation of Ninghong slimming tea, pure taste, drift natural tea aroma.This tea combined with tea enjoying and weight loss,perfectly embodies the view of the modern consumer "natural, convenient , marked ".

Three-stage of losing weight about Ninghong slimming tea

Preventing fat: by inhibiting gastrointestinal lipases, preventing hydrolysis of 3 acid glycerol in intestinal and absorption of fat in the diet, so that the fat expel from body before digestion.

Burning fat: Fully burning fat and speed up circulation of metabolism to discharges large energy calories.

Balancing nutrition: When super nutritional supplements such as L-carnitine, Vc are in process of consumption and burning fat, they will supplement nutrition to achieve a balance of fat consumption and energy conversion.

Ingredient: Ninghong black tea, cassia seed, hawthorn, lotus leaf.

Usage: Soak it with boiling water, 1-2 bags each time, 2 times a day.

Valid: 24 months

Package: 3g * 24 bagsb * 6 boxes

Shipping Weight: 120 g