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Paiyouji Solid drink plant protein enzyme powder

Paiyouji Solid drink plant protein enzyme powder

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Paiyouji Solid drink plant protein enzyme powder-original one with two dimensional anti fake code

Ingredients:Sobean protein isolate powder, Vegetable & Fruit plant enzyme powder(Banana, apple, pineapple, grapes, spinach, strawberry, lemon, corn, sweet potato leaves, parsley, black bean adn soybean)Lotus leaf powder, Hawthorn powder, Pineapple enzyme, Konjaku flour, Olgosaccharide,Maltodextrin.


Product type: Solid drink


Direction:About 1 hour before breakfast and dinner in the morning and evening,take a bag of this product and add about 200ml warm water in it, mix it adequately. It can be quickly eaten when it no hurn feeling on mouth(it is better to eat it with the fluid shape). It is suggested to eat it continually for 1-3 months,until you are satisfied.


Specification: 10g * 10 bags/box


Precautions: Pregnant,lactating women and infants with caution.


Kindly reminder:

1. This product can substitute for dinner.

2. After this powder is dissolved in the boiled water to be the viscous liquid,no suitable to keep long.

3. During the eating period,there is satiety feeling which belongs to normal phenomenon is.

4. During the eating period,appropriately increase exercise and control overeating.


Storage: Store om a cool, dry place, keep out of reach of children.


Shelf life: 24 months.