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Plant Enzyme Jelly-Cleanse Stool and Toxin-3 Boxes

Plant Enzyme Jelly-Cleanse Stool and Toxin-3 Boxes

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Product name: Plant Enzyme Jelly-One Pack Easy to Carry-Cleanse Stool and Toxin

About product: A cool enzyme product as it is an enzyme jelly. Taste well and easy carry. Without boiling water can be eaten at anywhere and anytime as you like. It can help you stool smooth, especially for people hard to stool, suffer from constipation, and want to keep fit daily. This plant and fruit enzyme jelly contains energy of 298(kj), carbohydrate 17.2 (g), and sodium 22(mg).

Main ingredient: water, sugar, seaweed glue, konjaku flour, apple juice concentrate, red algar alcohol, green tea powder, food additive(carrageenan, Vitamin C, citric acid, malic acid, potassium sorbate).


Suitable group: All age’s people want to keep fit or lose weight in healthy way


Dosage and usage: 13g * 10 packet * 3 boxes


Shelf life: 12 months


Usage and dosage: Open the bag and can be taken. 1 packet for each time, 1-2 packets a day.


Storage: place in a cool and dry place.


Executive Standard No.:GB19883