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Pure Lotus Leaf Tea

Pure Lotus Leaf Tea

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About the product: The product is made of Wei Shan Lake 100% natural lotus leaves combined with modern techniques to process. Dried, sliced lotus leaf can be found at many herbal shops and Asian markets. Lotus leaf is also available in weight loss pill, slimming tea powder and slimming capsules form. Based on the concepts of traditional Chinese medicine, lotus leaf is slightly bitter, and mild, and is attributed to the Liver and Spleen meridians. “Using lotus leaf to lose weight can make people thin.” Lotus leaf is known as the good medicine of weight reduction from ancient times to present in China. Because the lotus root and leaf have great effect on diuresis and defaecation. 100% plant slimming beverage, daily fitting tea.

Usage: 8g(2-3 bags) for each time with boiling water(boiling up better). And let tea stay for at least 10 minutes then drink. It is best to drink before have a meal.

Package: 250g( about 60bags)


1.Must be strong tea, there is little effect if the tea is repeated make; least 3 times a day;

3.It is best to drink before have a meal.