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Qumei Reinforced Slimming Capsule-A Course 3 Bottles

Qumei Reinforced Slimming Capsule-A Course 3 Bottles

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Qumei Reinforced Slimming  Capsule-3 bottles a course dosage

About product: Qumei reinforced slimming capsule is a powerful appetite suppressant, it can curb appetite strongly and increase feelings of fullness, so is suitable for all types of  obesity, such as simple obesity, obesity delivery, obstinate obesity and partial fat. Qumei reinforced slimming capsule is a plant formula diet pill, it works fast and without obvious dis-comfortable feelings. And this diet pill is approved by CFDA, China Food & Drug Administration.

Main Ingredient: I-cn, hawthorn, Agastache rugosus, Chinese olive, Atractylodes macrocephaia, semen raphani, lotus leaf, hawthorn, magnesium stearate and etc.

Usage: Take 4 capsules before meals with water, 3 time day. 

Specification: 120  capsules * 3 boxes

Shelf life: 24 months


1, don't mix take with other drugs,

2, drink more water during taking the medicine,

3, unsuitable for pregnant women and people have other serious


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