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SFTTO Cell Slimming Soap+Slimming Cream

SFTTO Cell Slimming Soap+Slimming Cream

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Product Name: SFTTO Cell Slimming Soap+Slimming Cream-Skin Exquisited

About SFTTO Cell Slimming Soap: the cell cslimming soap is the upgrades of SFTTO Extra Strength Slimming Soap, it contains caffeine, tea alkali, seaweed refined from natural hawthorn, and cocoa. Such herbal combination of ingredients penetrates deeply and interacts with fatty acid underneath the skin to accelerate metabolism and control the generation of fatty cell division.
Ingredients: soap base, deionized water, seaweed extract , kelp extract, etc
Function: Reducing fat on leg, waist, abdomen and back part.
1.When bathing each day, apply the soap on the fat part and massage for 3 to 5 minutes until the effective ingredients absorbed by the skin.
2.For external use only. Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contacting eyes or mouths, if in case, flush with plenty of water immediately. Stop using it if allergy occurs.
3.Be careful not to use it on the breasts.
Package: 150g++15 g of Abdomen Slimming Cream

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