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Three-leaves Slimming Tea

Three-leaves Slimming Tea

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About Three-leaves Slimming Tea: It is natural selected material with function of weight loss and health care, without any chemical composition. The tea prevent extra fat absorbed by stomach and speed up fat to expel from body and regulate body metabolism to improve the extra fat rapidly excreted. The product is suitable for people is obeisity and pinguid or sweet food liker. 

Ingredients: Green tea, cassia seed, hawthorn, mulberry leaf, Pu'er tea.

Usage: Take one bags  with boiling water for 2-3 minutes, two times a day. Drinking like tea and take it repeatedly.

Package: 2g × 30 bags/box

Shipping Weight: 70 g

1. Do not take if you're pregnant or breeding;
2. Unsuitable for children age under 12 years.

Valid: 18 months

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