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Tong RenTang Plant Weight-loss Pills-2 Boxes

Tong RenTang Plant Weight-loss Pills-2 Boxes

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Product name: Plant Weight-loss Pills-Qin Shen Xiao Pang Wan

Brand: Tongren Tang

About Plant Weight-loss Pills: Also named Qin Shen Xiao Pang Wan, which produced by Beijing Tong Ren Tang, the first well-known trademarks of Chinese herbal medicine, traditional brand, selling well for years! The weight-loss pills is made up with selected authentic ingredients, and is processed by traditional, strict pharmaceutical technology, having the function in reducing fat and loosing weight. Pure plant material, safe and effective forlong-term taking.

Ingredient: dogbane leaf, Alisma orientale, Atractylodes macrocephaia, Semen Coicis, algal, Angelica sinensis, Cnidium, green tea, rhubarb,rose flower, Poria, hawthorn, Astragalus, lotus petiole, Aquilaria sinensis.

Function: it has good effect for partial fat and edema obesity people by promoting blood circulation in, swelling play a diuretic effect, help to improve the edema obesity. And it help increase the function of spleen and stomach to improve metabolism order and accelerate fatty to excrete from the body.

Usag: Oral take, 30 pills each time, 3 times daily.

Package: 240 pills *3 bottles * 2 boxes

Valid: 5 years